A Warm Return

As I slowly return to this blog, I’m going to brainstorm other ideas on how to engage with my audience. I want this to be a warm, welcoming place where people can come and listen to me rabble about my favorite anime or why my love for Yennefer of Vengerburg isn’t dying down or how I think Mass Effect: Andromeda is a fine game and deserves a sequel.

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MFA: Year 1

The school year is over and I am a year and a half away from earning my MFA in Creative Writing. I can’t believe how quickly time flew! And it’s weird, because I had so many doubts when I decided to apply to different MFA programs. But I can honestly say that this past year […]

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Yay! You Made It!

Hi there! I’m glad you made it! I’m excited that you’re here reading about my love for books, reading and writing. I’ll keep this first post short. I just want to thank you all for giving me a chance! I hope you enjoy all of my posts and become a regular subscriber. Be sure to check […]

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