MFA: Year 1

The school year is over and I am a year and a half away from earning my MFA in Creative Writing. I can’t believe how quickly time flew! And it’s weird, because I had so many doubts when I decided to apply to different MFA programs. But I can honestly say that this past year […]

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Paper Towns: Review

This book almost, almost made me fall out of love with John Green. It took nearly a month for me to finish reading it, partly because I was busy with the end of the school year. But if I’m honest with myself, I didn’t really care about Quentin, Margo or his friends. Luckily, my views changed […]

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My Literary Heroes #2: John Green

“My Literary Heroes” is a series that will focus on the people who influenced my reading and writing habits. My heroes are authors that I admire, characters that inspire me, or friends and family who just can’t say no to me while we’re in a bookstore. These are the people who helped shape me into the […]

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Zodiac: Review

When I first heard about this book in 2014, I was ecstatic! I read and loved the synopsis. I loved the cover art. And I just knew there was an amazing world waiting for me in those pages. Well, I wasn’t entirely disappointed. Zodiac is a good book, although it sticks close to many of […]

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Bright Lights, Dark Nights: Review

I keep telling myself I don’t like romance novels, especially YA romance. And then a book comes along and makes me reconsider my feelings and thoughts about the romance genre. Bright Lights, Dark Nights (BL,DN) is one of those books. BL, DN is about Walter Wilcox, a white teen, and Naomi Mills, a black teen and sister to […]

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Vengeance Road: A Review

I’ll probably watch Once Upon A Time In the West or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid after writing this review. Thank you Erin Bowman for giving the YA genre a much needed Western. I know there were two other YA Western novels written this year, one of which I’ve already read and enjoyed. The other is […]

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I was a Harry Potter late comer!

I’ve read all of the HP books and watched all of the movies. I joined Pottermore and was sorted into Hufflepuff. I WILL make it to the Wonderful Wizarding World before I leave this Earth! And I plan on rereading the entire series sometime in the near future. I won’t pretend I know everything about […]

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Everything Leads to You: Review

Hello! Welcome to my first book review! Woot Woot! If you read my YA Quarterly unboxing post, then you have already seen this book: And if you remember, this book was selected because it deals with friendship. At first, I thought the main friendship was between Emi, the main character, and her best friend, Charlotte. […]

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