A Writer’s Journal: July ’21

(This post is long overdue. I’m trying to enjoy summer as much as I can. Though I think my outdoor fun is starting to wrap up with case numbers rising across the country. But now I have some time to finally write this.) It’s difficult trying to recall everything I accomplished last month. I had […]

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February Reads

I’m surprised by how quickly I hit a reading slump this year. I think the ‘Winter Blues’ hit harder than normal given the general unease of this year. I had high hopes for this month in terms of reading goals, but that fizzled pretty quickly. Thankfully I read SOMETHING this month and most of the […]

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A Writer’s Journal: Feb. ’21

I managed to accomplish some things in February. I wrote a short story for an anthology, submitted said short story and started another short story for another anthology. I started drafting my novella and I have three volunteers willing to beta read my draft and offer feedback. I’m also brainstorming (aka daydreaming about) an idea for a novel inspired by games like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley.

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Entertainment Vs. Enlightenment

I started thinking about the purpose of books. Should they be just another form of entertainment? Or should all books have a deeper meaning? Should they leave us with a new way of looking at the world and make us want to change the things around us? And if some books are meant to entertain […]

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