A Warm Return




What’s up? How have you been? Doing well and staying safe I hope!

The last time I updated this space was back in October when I posted my Writer’s Journal for the month. As I wrote, I started a new job and was trying to settle into a new routine. Well it took some months, but I’m finally at a point where I can balance my job and my other goals and duties. So that means that I’m returning to this blog!

Before I launch into my plans and ideas for this blog, I want to take the time out and address a few serious issues. As a Black woman, I wholeheartedly believe that ‘Black Lives Matter,’ that we must #SAYHERNAME and that ‘Black Trans Lives Matter.’ I will not debate the validity of any of these statements, nor do I believe members of these communities must explain the (very basic notion in my opinion) that their lives have meaning, are valuable and are worthy of protection. If you’re reading this and any of these statements cause you discomfort or upset you, then feel free to leave. I don’t want nor need your support if you refuse to support Black people in this moment and in the future. Moving forward, I intend to highlight and uplift the myriad of Black voices because we’re not always given our laurels.

I also want to address this pandemic. I’m not a medical professional nor am I knowledgeable about medicine and how the human body works. But I listen to the doctors and other health sciences personnel when they talk about the severity of COVID-19. I know it sucks not being able to go out and enjoy this lovely summer weather, but it’s better to give up one summer than to catch this disease and cause possible irreparable harm to your body. If you can, stay at home. If you must go out, wear a mask, socially distance yourself from others, wash your hands and keep them away from your face. I know this pandemic is scary and if you’re an anxious person like I am, then feel free to step away from the news and/or social media. It can be overwhelming and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking breaks when you need them. (Maybe I’ll curate a list of websites and videos that help me manage my stress during this time.)

Now on to the writing goodness!

I love my monthly ‘Writer’s Journal’ posts and will definitely continue those entries. They force me to keep to a (somewhat) regular writing schedule and it was nice to look back after a month and highlight whatever progress I’ve made. Since it’s still early in July and I have stories that are at different points of the writing process, I will keep track of my projects and recap what I’ve worked on and/or submitted.

I’m also toying with the idea of starting a podcast and embedding it on this site. We’ll see. I love podcasts and will put together a list of some of my favorite that I’m listening to right now. (Spoiler: most of them are D&D or table-top role playing games related!) I’m currently taking some Skillshare classes on podcasting and if I think it’s doable, then I’m open to trying this new way of interacting with you all. Plus it will help me grow accustomed to the sound of my own voice.

Sort of in that same vein, I’m interested in starting a ‘Let’s Play’ YouTube channel. I love video games and I love sharing them with my friends and family. After the Sony PS5 showcase, I was excited by the many, many games that are coming out on the next console. (Though Sony I beg you, please give us another Gravity Rush game!) The creation of this channel will likely occur towards the end of the year after I move out and settle into my own place. I want to have the space to stretch out and enjoy my gaming and live-streaming/recording time. But whenever it happens, I look forward to checking out some games, both new and old, that inspire me and my work.

Lastly, I’m going to continue with my book reviews. I read my last review on ‘Blood of Elves’ (located here) and it wasn’t too bad. I’m still nervous about writing book reviews and I don’t fully trust my own opinion. Or rather, I don’t fully trust how other people will respond to my reviews. But these posts push me to read often and with a critical eye. My stack of books to read is almost unruly and will need to be addressed at some point. So look forward to those posts in the immediate future. I’m currently reading several books and I hope to review all of them. (Save for one which is a role playing guide. It’s good and a fun read. I’m just not sure how useful it would be here. But if you have any interest in it, then be sure to check out ‘Kids on Bikes.’)

As I slowly return to this blog, I’m going to brainstorm other ideas on how to engage with my audience. I want this to be a warm, welcoming place where people can come and listen to me rabble about my favorite anime or why my love for Yennefer of Vengerburg isn’t dying down or how I think Mass Effect: Andromeda is a fine game and deserves a sequel. The apparel for the Andromeda Initiative looks amazing! I love storytelling in its many, many, many forms. From movies to TV shows to books and podcasts. While my childhood love of books propelled me to pursue a career as a writer, my work is influenced by the games I play, the movies/TV shows I watch and the music/podcasts I listen to. My goal is to be able to share my love and appreciation with other people and hopefully learn about works that are significant to my audience.

If you’re a returning supporter, then thank you for your support and feedback! If you’re a new subscriber, then welcome and be sure to check out the blog! Glance over the ‘About Me’ page to learn more about who I am and what I’m currently working on. Or read one of my previous book reviews or ‘Writer’s Journal’ post to get a feel for the type of content I regularly post. And if you’re interested in reading some of my original fiction, then head to my ‘Publications’ page and click one of the links. As I mentioned earlier, I have several WIPs and I hope to add more to that page soon!

As always, take care and stay safe! And above all else, Happy Writing!

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