Writer’s Journal: October

Words Written:

  • words

Stories Worked On:

  • Post-Apocalyptic Anthology Story
  • Ocmulgee River Dragon


I never celebrated Halloween until I was in college. My family was religious and bought into the (very absurd) idea that Halloween was ‘the Devil’s Birthday.’ As I got older, I never felt like I missed out on anything. But in college, I decided to dress up a few times with my friends. 

My really poor interpretation of a pirate!

The last time I did anything for Halloween was back in grad school when I went to a party one of the poet’s held at their apartment.


This year, I wanted to pass out candy to any kids who stop by the house, but I have Figure Drawing that evening. But I love this holiday and I hope to do something next year and the years to come.

Now on to my writing for this month:

I started a new job and getting used to a new schedule has been challenging. I no longer drive to work and my commute is longer, though I’m fortunate because I can bum a ride with my mom to the train station. While I love my new job and I know it was a right move for me to make in many ways, I now have less downtime on the job, meaning less time to write. Until I find a nice balance, I think my writing time will take a backseat. But I’m hoping that will change once I finish my two art classes for this term.

The biggest projects on my docket this past month and for November are:

  1. One Story
  2. Glitter + Ashes: Queer Tales Of A World That Wouldn’t Die 

I have a story that I would like to submit to One Story; it needs another round of edits and rewriting before I’m truly happy with it. But I think the overall story is excellent and aligns with the quality of work that One Story publishes. Their submission period closes in the middle of November, so I have a few weeks until it’s time to send my story to them.

Glitter + Ashes will be more a challenge for many reasons. The submission period closes at the end, which seems like plenty of time to draft, edit and rewrite a story. But it also occurs during NaNoWriMo and my plans to draft a YA road trip novel. The anthology submission will also be tricky because deals with the post-apocalyptic genre, which is not my forte (like many speculative fiction genres). I’m excited to tackle this genre and I have some ideas on how to examine it from a queer lens. I would really love to have a story selected and published in this anthology. It would be the perfect way to end this chaotic year and decade! (Can you believe we’re going to start an entirely new decade in two months?!?) I also think it would be amazing and affirming to have my name and story to appear in print, in a book I can put on my shelves. I’m leaning towards focusing more on this submission and putting off One Story until next year. But maybe things will work out and I can submit to both markets.

I have grandiose ideas for NaNoWriMo this year, but the more I look at my upcoming schedule, the more I realize I may need to lower my expectations or abandon my project completely.  As always, the best way for me to approach NaNo is with the goal of having a strong start to a longer work. I don’t think I want to write 50,000 words in November. I want a good 5,000-10,000 start and an idea of what will happen next. As I draft this post, it’s a rainy Sunday and I’ve had an easy day so far. I painted for a few hours and just finished my Thai leftovers from the other day. It’s the perfect day to work on my hobbies and give myself a mental break before another hectic week. I plan on using any future, slow Sundays to write as much as I can and be satisfy with whatever I put out for the day.

It feels like I end these posts by wishing for more time. More time to write. More time to paint. More time to sleep and hang out with friends and read and spend time with myself. But I can also acknowledge the amount of hard work that I put into different areas of my life. I thought about this the other day during my lunch break. I’ve worked hard this year. Sometimes it was acknowledged and rewarded. Most times it wasn’t. But I’m grateful for every opportunity and challenge that came my way this year. It’s made me a better person, writer, and artist. My progress is slow, but I’m okay with that.

If you go trick-or-treating or buy some candy for yourself, enjoy some chocolate for me!

Happy writing!


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