A Writer’s Journal: June

Words Written:

  • I don’t know!

Stories Worked On:

  • Legacy Short Story

This will probably be a short post. Or at least, shorter than my usual journal posts. There’s a lot going on in my personal life and it’s hard for me to focus. This post kind of snuck up on me, so I have little idea what I want to write. I’m racking my mind, trying to remember what happened this past month and I’m drawing some blanks. Please just bear with me.

The biggest success this past month is my application with the Boston Public Library. I submitted it early in June. I wasn’t happy with the work I submitted. Not because I didn’t believe in it or because it wasn’t well-written. The story was a new idea, something I thought up in early to mid-May when I was trying to determine what I wanted to submit. It’s still a hazy idea in my mind and since turning in the application, I haven’t thought about it much, aside from the occasional “that was a good story idea. I should write it down.” or “I like that character trait; I’ll have to think on it some more.” If I’m offered the fellowship, this will obviously come back in bite me in the ass because I should have at least a rough draft by the time the fellowship begins. But I still have about two months before I hear anything back, so I have plenty of time to do some more world-building, character creation and solidify the main story.

I’m sure I worked on some short stories this past month, but between submitting my fellowship application, interviewing for a job, and preparing for the end of the school year, I had a lot of non-writing things on my mind.

Since I can’t talk about what I did in June, I’ll talk about what I hope to do in July.

First off, my birthday is in the beginning of July. July 2nd to be exact. I had plans to go hiking in West Virginia and then go wine-tasting after, but a family emergency forced me to push back that plan. Chances are, I’ll spend my birthday watching some good anime (Mob Psycho 100 and One Punch Man), drawing and doing some writing if I can. Not how I wanted to spend the day, but it’s still a decent way to start my 28th year.

I’m also taking two art classes starting in July: Beginner’s Figure Drawing (I’m taking the course again because I still have a lot to learn) and Intro to Watercolor. I’m most excited for the watercolor course because it’s a medium that I’ve always wanted to learn. And towards the end of the month, I’ll use some of that knowledge when I do a one-day “Sketchcrawling” seminar. I registered for that today and I’m pumped!

In terms of writing, I’m going to start a second draft for my “Legacy” short story. This particular story has been on my mind lately because I’ve been wrestling with my feelings on family and recognizing the pain they can cause. It’s inspired by my current family situation and my feelings about a particular family member. It’s a story that I love because I can say the things I’ve always wanted to say, but didn’t feel safe enough to express out loud. (It’s also a story I can’t let my mother read for a while. She’s not the subject of the story, but I sense she won’t be pleased by what I write.)

I hope to return to my space western novel at some point this month. Honestly, I miss novel writing. I love the short story format because it forces me to be concise. But I miss the freedom of a novel and the exploration that comes with a new story idea. And this particular novel touches on a lot of themes and ideas that I love in other stories.

When I started my summer vacation, I decided I would spend the next two months being as productive and creative as possible. I took the first week off to relax, binge watch some Law and Order and catch up on sleep. But now I’m ready to work and focus on the things that are near and dear to me. I can’t wait to get started!

One final non-writing point: my garden is doing so well! The tomatoes are starting ripen, I spotted a spaghetti squash on the vine earlier this week and my eggplant vine is continuing to grow. I love walking out in the backyard and checking on my plants. I also bought a “money tree” last weekend and I’m hoping it’ll do well in the space where I put it.



If my writing career doesn’t take off, then I can always try my hand at gardening for a living!


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