A Writer’s Journal: Introduction

If you were around last November, you likely read at least one of my weekly posts about my progress with my NaNoWriMo project. I enjoyed writing those posts for two big reasons:

  1. It held me accountable
  2. It was another place where I could document and reflect over my progress

Thinking over ways in which to grow this blog, I thought it would be interesting to have a monthly post that discussed what I did for the month. As I mentioned in my 2019 Writing Goals post, I want this year to be a more productive one. I have lots of ideas and aspirations for 2019, but the only way to follow through is to have a dedicated, public place where I talk about the steps that I’m taking.

For now, the structure of these posts will be similar to the structure of my NaNo posts from last year. I hope that over time they may evolve. But if the structure remains the same from the beginning of the year until the end, then I’ll be satisfied.

As always I’m excited for you to follow along with me! The first post will be up at the end of January!


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