NaNoWriMo Week 1

Stories Completed:

  • “Buried Among Stars” (sort of)

Stories In Progress:

  • Creation Myth Story

Total Words Written:

  • 13,701 words

Week Summary:

The first week of NaNo started on an odd note, though it was something I expected and partially planned for. Nov 2nd-5th, I was away in New Hampshire visiting friends and taking a (much needed and much deserved) mental rest. Once I returned from my mini-vacation, I rolled up my sleeves and was determined to play catch up from the rest of the week. I’m still behind with my word count, but only by a day or two, and with this three day weekend, I know I’ll finally catch up!

I wrote in my last post how I was nervous for NaNo this year because it was the first year where I would be working full time. Before the month started, I knew if I wanted to succeed, I needed to carefully juggle everything that was occurring in my life. To be honest, a part of me felt as though I wouldn’t be successful this year because there was no way I would find the time to write every day, much less write 1,667 words every day. But I decided to bring my personal laptop to work and spend my lunch break writing as much as I could. This has helped alleviate most of my anxiety about making my daily word count and it’s a nice way to spend my roughly 45 minute break. Even when November is over, I may continue writing during my lunch break at least a few times out of the week.

I managed to finish one short story this past week (woohoo!) and I’m about halfway through another short story. The short story I finished this past week is actually another draft of a story I wrote earlier in the year. So far, it’s my favorite story in the collection because I see so much potential in it. It deals with some themes and issues that have taken hold of my mind and heart for the past couple of months. That’s what I love about NaNo: it’s a time where I can write the stories that really matter to me and I allow myself the space and time to write without fear of judgment from others. Some of the stories in this collection may never be viewed by anyone but me. And that’s okay because at least they exist somewhere other than the confines of my mind.

This was a rough first week, but it didn’t totally defeat me and now that I have my first 10,000 words under my belt, I’m ready to finish out the rest of the month on a high note! I may not reach my 60,000 goal that I set earlier this month, but I can say that at the very least, I’ll have one story that I’m really happy with.

Final Thoughts:

This is the first year I’m writing my NaNo project in a word processing software that isn’t Microsoft Word. Around the end of summer, I purchased and downloaded Scrivener. Honestly, I think I’ve fallen in love with this program and I can’t imagine going back to Word. Scrivener is great for a multitude of reasons and I’m still finding features that make me love the software even more. But what I love most about Scrivener is the ability to write my stories scene by scene. I’m sure there is a way to break up my stories by scenes in Word, but it looks nice and organized in Scrivener. And I’m sure having my scenes organized in this way will make it easier when I begin the editing and revision process. I’m also learning that I like to make notes and comments as a write a draft, questions or comments that will help me when I edit and rewrite a story. And it’s easy to leave those notes in the margins as I’m writing.

I may write a lengthier post about Scrivener and reasons why I love it. But I’ll say if you’re interested in it, try it out. (I’m pretty sure there is a free trial.) I know Scrivener can be pricey, but if you have the money and you’re interested in trying something other than Microsoft Word, take a chance on it!

Happy Writing to those participating in NaNo and to those who decided to sit it out this year! Make yourself a cup of tea (or coffee) and enjoy the rest of your weekend (especially if you have Monday off as well)!

PS- Be on the lookout for a book review, my first one in a while. It will hopefully come sometime this week!


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