The Boy Meets Girl Massacre: Review

I don’t think I read the synopsis of this book as well as I should have because I didn’t realize until much later that this was a horror story. And if you know me well, then you know that I try to stay far, far, far away from any form of horror, whether it’s a game, show, movie or story. Despite my fear of horror, I did enjoy this book.

The Boy Meets Girl Massacre tells the story of Noelle Dixon, a high school girl who works the nighttime shift at the infamous Boy Meets Girl Inn. The inn is well known for a slew of grisly murders and cannibalistic acts from the 1900s. And over the years, there have been some strange occurrences at the inn. Noelle keeps a diary to track every weird thing that happens while she works the nighttime shift.

I will always admire and respect authors who take a risk or try to tell a story in a different way. This book is set up like a diary, but since the diary serves as a key piece of information in a police investigation, there are annotations from the main investigating officer. AND the diary is eventually handed over to a movie executive, who also makes notes in the margins about how the movie could be shot. I didn’t care too much for the executive’s comments, but I did enjoy the officer’s comments because it called into question a lot of Noelle’s observations and it gave some more insight into the world that Noelle inhabited.

I also liked Noelle’s voice. It’s so rare to find a female voice that isn’t refined or delicate. Actually, I take that back. I think there has been a great improvement in the range of female voices and narratives, particularly in the YA category, but it is still refreshing to read about girls who aren’t particularly girly.

So why is this getting such an average rating? Well, this book didn’t really wow me. It was a good book, but it’s not one that I would read again mainly because I’m not a horror fan.

My Rating:



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