Everything Leads to You: Review

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If you read my YA Quarterly unboxing post, then you have already seen this book:

everything leads to you cover

And if you remember, this book was selected because it deals with friendship. At first, I thought the main friendship was between Emi, the main character, and her best friend, Charlotte. But after a few chapters, it became clear that the friendship Nina Lacour wanted to focus on was between Emi and Ava, the secret granddaughter of a famous Western actor.

So what did I think of this book? Well here is my full review:

It was good!

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I enjoyed the story and the characters. It was indeed, a good book and I liked it overall. But my feelings for it stop at like. I wasn’t left with any strong emotions by the time I reached the last word. And most of the story was predictable, including the romance. There were cute scenes and moments where I went “Aww,” but those were few and far between. The biggest problem I had with the book was the main character.

Emi was a good character; she had an interesting job as a set designer for a small movie; she was likable (at times); and I could relate to the apprehension she felt whenever she thought about her best friend leaving to attend school out of state. But the problem with Emi was that she was surrounded by a lot of GREAT characters and at times, I didn’t really care about what she was going through; I cared more about the struggles of Ava, Jamal and Charlotte. Truthfully, Emi was a privileged character and that just didn’t make for an engrossing read. She got everything she wanted: a job as the lead set designer, a new girlfriend and the assurance that her best friend wasn’t abandoning her. And, aside from her job, she doesn’t really work for much of her rewards.

I know, I know. Why am I punishing Emi because she gets what she wants? Well…I’m not. I just think the book would be a lot better if Emi wasn’t in the spotlight all the time. Let’s look at another character and hopefully by the end you’ll agree with.

We meet Ava at a vulnerable point in her life. She was a runaway who lived in a shelter. She has a part-time job at a Home Depot in LA. Her only friend is another homeless youth. She has no contact with her adoptive mother or brother. Then on her birthday, she gets a message from a mysterious woman. Turns out she is the long-lost granddaughter of Clyde Jones, a famous Hollywood actor, and if she can prove her lineage, then she will inherent a bank account with a decent sum in it.

Ava’s a great character with many shortcomings, the biggest of which is her abandonment issues. All she truly desires is to have people in her life who care for her and won’t leave her. She gets that by the end of the novel, but she had to do a lot of hard work. She’s also reckless and will apologetically break the law to get what she wants. Ava is a sympathetic character and it’s easy to care about her journey. You want her to have a happy ending and while she’s far from being rich and famous, by the end, you can tell she is in a much better place.

So did I convince you? I really hope I did!

All in all, if you want a good mystery story with interesting side characters and a decent main character, then read Everything Leads to You. There is a romantic story line, but it’s not overwhelming. Overall I would give this book.

My Rating:

Whew! I made it through! I hope you enjoyed my review. And if you decide to read Everything Leads to You, then let me know what you think about it!

Until next time!

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