Unpacking BookRiot’s 2nd YA Quarterly Box!

Hm…what’s this?


A package?


Wait! It’s a package for me! Oh yeah!

It’s strange, but I LOVE getting mail, especially mail where I have no clue what’s inside. That’s why I’m excited to take this package to my room and unwrap all the goodies inside.

Let me give you some context about this package: I follow another AMAZING book blog called Book Riot. They have articles that deal with different literary genres and issues. A few months back, they posted this article about a Young Adult (YA) quarterly box that they would release…well quarterly. I signed up immediately!

This is the 2nd YA Quarterly box and I was excited about everything inside. So without further ado, here is my unboxing.

By appearances, it doesn’t seem like much. But let me tell you, there’s a lot inside!

In the box there were 3 books:




There was also a series of postcards with quotes from A Sense of the Infinite:


And a sticker with Hilary T. Smith’s signature:


There was also a small book light:


And finally a packet of notecards, which look like the old library due date cards (talk about a throwback):


Like I said, this box held A LOT! I know a select number of subscribers also received extra goodies. Unfortunately, I was not one of the chosen ones, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for future boxes.

My TBR (to be read) list is mind-boggling long, but I did get a chance to read one of the books in the box. And I will say I’m excited to read Chasing Shadows because it has a few pages of comic book graphics, which is something I have not seen in a YA novel before.

The theme for this box was friendship, which I loved because a lot of my friendships have been shifting recently as my friends and I undergo major changes in our lives. So it was heart-warming to see books dedicated to the many stages of friendships. I also think the theme falls perfectly with the season. Summer is a time where some friends are separated physically and it can be a challenge to maintain the bonds that keep people together. We try to keep in touch through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or some other social media outlet, but writing on someone’s wall doesn’t always carry the same impact as picking up a phone or sitting down for coffee with an old friend.

I hope you enjoyed this unpacking. And if you like what you saw, then please sign up to receive your own Quarterly Box!


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