My Literary Heroes #1

“My Literary Heroes” is a series that will focus on the people who influenced my reading and writing habits. My heroes are authors that I admire, characters that inspire me, or friends and family who just can’t say no to me while we’re in a bookstore. These are the people who helped shape me into the bookworm that I am today!

Since this is my first EVER literary heroes post, I thought I would honor the people who truly mean the most to me: my parents!

my family

That’s a picture of my family from 2103. The photo was taken a few days after I graduated with my undergraduate degree. The people on the end are my parents. And if I know them well enough (which I do), I know my mom will object to having her picture online. Sorry Mom, but I want my readers to see the two people who played the biggest role in my reading and writing habits since I was a child! (I’ll make it up to you later!)

My parents believed in raising well-rounded children. They made sure my brother and I were exposed to different cultures and ways of thinking. This is why they never objected when I chose a book over playing outside. They always wanted me to grow, though they knew I didn’t have to follow a specific growth formula.

My mom was the keeper of my library card. When we moved to Virginia in 2002, she made it her duty to seek out a library and sign us up for library cards. We traveled to the library often, especially during summer. My mom let me freely roam the library shelves. In fact, I can only think of one time in which my mom prevented me from reading a certain book. I was free to check out whatever book I wanted, whenever I wanted to, even when my room started to be overrun by books. But she didn’t stop there. My mom was the first person to introduce me to book nerd heaven aka The National Book Festival! I remember taking the train into Washington DC, walking down the National Mall and looking in awe at all the vendors and tents set up to celebrate books. My first summer, we walked the entire area, stopping at nearly every booth and listening in on some of the literary talks. It only took an hour for me to become addicted to the festival and now I make it a goal to attend the festival every year!

My dad played a different role in my literary history. He was and still is my constant supporter. When I made the decision to declare an Italian major, my dad was there for me. Truthfully, I had no plans to use Italian after I graduated. I just wanted to learn something fun and new while I had the opportunity. Many people questioned my decision, but my dad was on my team from the very beginning. “As long as you’re happy.” Those were his words to me after I told him that I declared my first major. When I decided to move to New Hampshire and study creative writing, my dad once again supported me. My dad is the “Proud Papa” who boasts about the accomplishes of his family to his coworkers and other friends. I’ll search for my dad after church, only to find him speaking to another member about his daughter who is studying writing. It’s not easy chasing after my dreams. I stumble and fall on my face often and sometimes it feels easier to just stay where I am. But my dad is always there, encouraging me to get up and run forward.

I’m grateful for my parents and all they have done for me. They believe in my dreams and push me to keep going, even when I feel like waving the white flag. My parents will always be my biggest supports and that’s why they are My Literary Heroes!


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