February Reads

I’m surprised by how quickly I hit a reading slump this year. I think the ‘Winter Blues’ hit harder than normal given the general unease of this year. I had high hopes for this month in terms of reading goals, but that fizzled pretty quickly. Thankfully I read SOMETHING this month and most of the […]

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A Writer’s Journal: Feb. ’21

Stories Drafted: ‘With Love, From Waystation 4’ QueerBlades Anthology Story (In Progress) Stories in Revision: None Words Written: 7,259 words A lot of people have talked about hitting the ‘pandemic wall’ and honestly, I think I’m pressed against this wall. Writing is hard, but it feels harder when the world is practically unraveling around us. […]

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January Reads

From novellas to novels to the occasional non-fiction book, I chipped away at my ‘TBR’ list in preparation for the host of highly anticipated books that will be published later this year.

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Writer’s Journal: Jan. ’21

Currently Drafting: Galactic roller rink story QueerBlades story Currently Editing: Cut From Mother’s Bones It feels so good returning to these posts. As I’ve mentioned before, these posts are a form of accountability. They force me to track the different projects I’m working on in a month, which is so important for someone who struggles […]

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2021 Writing Intentions and Goals

I’m always optimistic at the start of a new year. No matter how tough 2020 was, I choose to hope and believe that 2021 will be better in its own way. And I choose to believe that with hard work and some courage, I will see my writing career flourish in unimaginable ways! Or at the very least, I’ll publish some fantastic short stories.

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I’m Doing A Reading!

Last year, I joined a lovely group of writers primarily composed for people from my graduate school. I think I’ll dedicated another post to my experiences with this group and how it’s helped my writing during this pandemic. But for now I’ll say that I’m grateful to meet with this group every Saturday afternoon to […]

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2020 Writing Roundup

My stories have value because I say so, not because someone else deems it so. Of course, publications and awards are important. I’d love for my work to be read around the world. But for now, I’m happy with writing self-indulgent stories. Because I’m my first and most important reader and it’s important that I enjoy the story.

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August TBR List

As a kid and teen, I was a fast reader and could knock out lengthy books in a week or two. Now that I’m an adult, I seem to struggle to read even one title in a month. So for now, these lists will feature three or four books. But I hope over time, I’ll be able to stretch them out to five, six or even seven books.

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